How To Successfully Hire a Virtual Stranger To Do Your Underwriting

By John Culbertson posted 09-24-2018 22:57


You, my readers, know how much I love using virtual assistants and value how they help me complete tasks while freeing up my time for more productive pursuits. This may sound to be pushing the envelope to some, but last week I got a call from a NYC investor who invests $250M to $1B a year and his support team consists of two project managers, one personal assistant and a bunch of VAs. That was surprising to hear even for me, but the part that really blew me away is that he outsources his underwriting.

This idea will be unnerving to most investors, developers and brokers. I mean, what’s the scariest task you could delegate to an unknown person, located who knows where, working remotely? Your project underwriting or proforma.

You’re basically showing this person your secret sauce, all your business intel. This is the deliverable that you’re going to be relying on when presenting the investment memorandum to lenders, equity partners, friends at the country club, and others.

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