Webinar: SIOR Technology Tools for Tenant Reps

When:  Nov 17, 2022 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)

We'll be exploring cutting edge tools that allow tenant reps to add more value and procure more business, including:

  • Qbiq - An AI-based floorplan generator that creates 100 sample plans in less than 24 hours - and then selects the best three for your client to view.
  • BeyondHq - A labor analytics tool tool that evaluates where, why, and how to source talent and/or open offices, including availability, costs, diversity, and much more. 
  • Top 10 Apps - We'll report on free or low cost apps/services that you can start using today to help automate/expand your business.  Submit your favorite productivity tools to wb@avocatgroup.com by 11/15 and we may include it with a shout out to you!
  • Moderator:  Walt Batansky, SIOR, Avocat Group