MySIOR Overview

What is MySIOR?

  • An online, private community for SIOR members, Committees and Chapters to communicate, collaborate, network, and conduct business.
  • A one-stop resource for all SIOR services, such as SIOR Connect, SIOR Pulse, M2M Transactions, Profile Updates, Event Registration, and more.
  • It’s like using Dropbox, LinkedIn, and Gmail all at the same time, in one central place specifically created for SIOR members.


Why Should I Use MySIOR?

  • Collaboration:

    To easily find members within a specific Chapter, Committee, specialty group to conduct business and collaborate.


  • To share ideas and questions and learn from fellow members.


  • To access all of SIORs resources (SIOR Connect, SIOR Pulse, M2M Transactions) and manage meetings and events.


  • To market yourself, your committee, and/or your Chapter and get recognition as a thought leader.

    Virtual Access:

  • To get direct access to your SIOR network and benefits anytime, and anywhere. MySIOR is available on your computer as well as on any tablet or mobile phone with a MySIOR members’ only app. Staying connected has never been easier.


What New Features Are Available on MySIOR?

  • Private Community discussions – a forum to communicate, with the option of real-time, daily, or weekly message notifications.
  • Friend Connections – create specialized network of friends within the SIOR membership.
  • Direct Messages to Individuals or Groups – easily search for and send messages to specific members, committees, groups, etc.
  • Document Sharing – upload documents, share, edit, and discuss with your community members.
  • Activity Feeds - stay up-to-date with the most recent activity feeds, notifications, and announcements via customized landing pages and email alerts.

Common MySIOR Questions and Answers

How Do I Sign In?

  • Go to my.sior.com (no www.)
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on “Login to see members only content”
  • User your unique MySIOR username and password
    • Example: U: JSmith12345, P: 12345
    • Contact membership@sior.com for help with your username/password

Do I Need to Login More Than Once to Access Specific Platforms and Services (i.e. SIOR Connect, Update My Profile)

  • Once you have logged into MySIOR, you should not have to login again to navigate to the various resources.

    When I log in I only see a page that says Welcome and gives me the ability to log out. What do I do?

  • Occasionally improperly logging out or errors in your website browser caching can prevent you from successfully logging in.
  • Click the log out button and then close the entire browser page.
  • Open a new page and retype my.sior.com.
  • Sign in again.

How Do I Reply to a Community Discussion?

  • Access the discussion from either the email notification you received in your inbox or by clicking on the discussion post within MySIOR.
  • To respond, you can either Reply to Discussion, Reply to Sender, or Post a New Discussion (which starts an entirely new thread separate from the current discussion you are reading)

How Do I Manage the Emails I Receive?

  • Go to My Account within MySIOR, and click on My Subscriptions.
  • Select how you wish to receive emails from each of the communities you are a member of. Choose either:
    • Real-time
    • Daily (you receive a daily digest around 5 a.m.)
    • Legacy (plain-text emails – with lack of features (no images, attachments), but the ability to reply without going to the community)
    • No emails
    • Unsubscribe (leave the community)

How Do I Update My Profile?

  • Log into MySIOR
  • Click on My Account, and then select “Edit Profile”, OR
  • Click on Profile link within the welcome box (next to the picture)
  • Click on “Edit Contact Information” underneath main contact info.

Why Can’t I See Discussions on Some Communities?

  • Only members who are subscribed to a community can view discussions and documents.
  • Many communities are private, but members can request to join and be added by an administrator.

How Can I Create a New Community?

  • Any type of community can be created. Once created, members can then be invited to join.
  • To avoid duplicate communities, members cannot create their own communities, but can request and suggest new communities to be created.
  • Members can request to create new communities by either
    • Going to the Community page and clicking on “+Create a New Community” and completing the request form, OR
    • Contacting SIOR Communications Director, Alexis Fermanis at afermanis@sior.com

What are Microsites and How Can I Create one for my Chapter?

  • Microsites are community websites that are customizable and act as a mini website, rather than a cookie-cutter community page.
  • Microsites can have multiple pages and links, and unique layout, design, and navigation menus.
  • A microsite must be managed by an administrator. Any chapter looking to create a microsite must identify an administrator to be trained by SIOR staff. This administrator will be responsible for all content edit and updates to the site.
  • To request a microsite and/or training, contact SIOR Communications Director Alexis Fermanis at afermanis@sior.com