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2023-2024 SIOR Global Vice President

Signup Deadline: 04-07-2023
Starts: 10-01-2023
Ends: 09-30-2024



SIOR Global is seeking 2023-2024 Vice President! If you are interested in shaping SIOR Global’s future as the premier designation within the CRE world, we encourage you to apply. Please note that while this position serves a one-year term, it requires a 4-year commitment as the Vice President then serves one-year terms as President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President (2023-2027).


  • Serve as a member of SIOR’s 15-person Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Governance Committee; Vice Chair of the Member Coalition Council (MCC)
  • Chair and BOD liaison to the Regional Director group; manage communication regarding current issues and chapter/regional activities
  • Support SIOR’s strategic plan and work within the framework of the plan to positively impact and advance SIOR
  • Have a global focus and be committed to growing SIOR’s ranks abroad
  • Act as the representative of the President-Elect in such matters as may be assigned by the President and/or President-Elect
  • Perform the duties of the President-Elect in the event of their absence or disability
  • Undertake special assignments as delegated by the President or President-Elect and assist in the discharge of their duties


While not required, candidates should strive to meet the following recommended qualifications:

  • 10+ years of SIOR service resulting in meaningful contributions
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the 5-year strategic plan
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of SIOR’s governance structures and how these entities work together on behalf of the organization
  • SIOR Board of Directors experience
  • Management experience (large firm/organization) and/or demonstrated proven leadership
  • Experience as chair or vice chair on an SIOR committee, task force, or member group a plus
  • Experience as a chapter leader or regional director a plus
In addition to the above, strong candidates will demonstrate one or more of the following skills:

  • Appreciation for the chapter-global relationship; willingness to work with and support chapters in executing the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Proven Delegator and Motivator: maintain a big picture perspective; desire to empower and inspire others to execute and achieve on behalf of SIOR
  • Impactful Communicator and Public Speaker: address a wide range of industry issues, to various audiences, while staying on message and promoting SIOR to the CRE community
  • Thoughtful Manager: refrain from knee-jerk decisions and consider data and all viewpoints before facilitating organizational directives
  • Strategic Thinker: identify synergies and/or areas for advancement that are in-line with organizational strategy
  • Tireless Traveler: prepared to travel extensively on behalf of SIOR and be the voice/face of the organization
  • Social media fluency

For more information, or should you have any questions about the position, please contact Ying-Ying Chow (ychow@sior.com).


Advisory Specialist
Executive Management Specialist
Industrial & Office Specialist
Industrial Specialist
Office Specialist
Sales Management Specialist

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)




Ying-Ying Chow
Independent Contractor