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Serve on the Professional Standards Committee

Starts: 10-01-2023



Committees are appointed by SIOR's Board of Directors and report to the Board of Directors, the CLC (Chapter Leadership Council), or MCC (Member Coalition Council), offering guidance on SIOR Global policies and procedures.


The Professional Standards Committee will consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair and not more than 18 members representing geographically diverse areas (including a representative from each of SIOR’s regions when possible).

The purposes of the Professional Standards Committee are to investigate, review, and evaluate ethics complaints and mediation/arbitration requests to determine their efficacy and the course required for the appropriate disposition of such matters; to provide mediation and arbitration for the resolution of financial and contractual disputes involving members (through mediators and hearing panels formed as needed); to conduct hearings for the adjudication of complaints involving allegations of professional misconduct by SIOR members (through hearing panels formed as needed); to evaluate and recommend changes to the Code and its related policies and procedures, to develop case studies and other interpretational aids to demonstrate the application of the Code in business and professional circumstances; and to oversee the Ethics Forum, which provides a pool of members who are interested and experienced in professional standards to fulfill SIOR’s grievance review and hearing panel needs. 

Term Length

2 years.


Recent experience on a local grievance or professional standards committee is preferred for appointment to this committee and other dispute resolution experience (mediation, arbitration, ombudsman) is helpful. Familiarity with SIOR’s Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice and its enforcement and administrative procedures is essential.


If you are interested in serving on the steering committee for the Professional Standards Committee please click apply today and fill out the form. Your application will be forwarded to the appropriate member group chair and team liaison.



Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)




Ying-Ying Chow
Manager, Chapter Experience & Governance