GFI Requirements


To fulfill the volume-of-business requirement for the SIOR designation, applicants for
membership must fulfill the Gross Fee Income (GFI) requirements set by local chapters for
individual markets by submitting an approved affidavit signed by the applicant’s CFO or
managing broker.

SIOR evaluates volume-of-business based on Gross Fee Income (GFI). GFI is that amount that
the applicant’s firm receives (before splits) that is directly attributable to the applicant.
Applicants submit 60 months of GFI. SIOR will evaluate using the three best 12-month
periods of these years. 

For more details on GFI requirements, please visit contact Sumner Crosby, Manager of Admissions, at 202.449.8234 or 

Below is a listing of the GFI for each market within the SIOR Canada East Chapter: 

  • All markets New Brunswick

  • All markets Newfoundland

  • All markets Nova Scotia

  • Ottawa Ontario

  • All markets Prince Edward Island

  • Montreal Quebec

  • All other markets Quebec